It is no longer news that Africa has been described as the world’s most youthful continent with the highest drive for higher education both in the continent and all around the globe. Since 1970 till date, the vast mobility of African students around the world is perhaps the most visible form of craving for international academic space with a touch of diversity, excellence, and determination where they are able to test their intellectual prowess and leadership skills.
Statistically, nearly 50 percent of Africans between ages 15-25 are still aspiring to attain the best education the world could offer.

The quest and drive from African students for the best education and exposure are widening the scope of diversity both in academic and research of European, Asian and American universities. It is noteworthy that African students are proudly engraining their stamps of academic excellence and leadership skills in the various prestigious citadel of learning around the world. However, the continent is usually denied the golden opportunity of celebrating this monumental news of African students who are making Africa proud.

Significantly, African students around the globe are the driven force and future leaders of the continent. Evidently, they are creating the new greater contribution to the world knowledge through research and high-class innovation as well as providing an unprecedented wave of leadership in prestigious universities students’ union both in Europe, America and across the world. Therefore, GASES sees them as the driving force behind the future of Africa and the development of its education.