MS. Amara Kanu


Ms. Amara Kanu

Amara Kanu is the chief executive officer of GASES where she coordinates the organisation strategic direction. She communicates and describes GASES vision to all stakeholders in a clear, engaging and exciting ways.



Ms Oluwatimilehin Osuntubo

Timi is the GASES Deputy CEO with a broad portfolio of both operational services and a range of corporate support functions, ensuring the safe provision of high-quality membership and African students focused activities. Ms Timi is also responsible for developing policies that support African students’ with the GASES Chief Executive.


GASES Africa Managing Director

Mr. Ahmed Soultan

Ahmed is the GASES Africa Managing Director. He joins GASES leadership in March 2016 coming with a substantial experienced in African education and excellent networks with African students. For over 7 years, he has been working extensively in the area of transnational education across Africa using various medium and tools.


GASES Director of International Collaboration and Partnership

Mr Adebowale Adebiyi

GASES is very pleased of its extensive networks with various institutions and corporate organisations with strong supports for African students’ across the globe. Adebowale who assumes the office of GASES Director of International Collaboration and Partnership in April 2016 takes our vision into the arena of international community where he builds partnership and collaboration on behalf of GASES.


GASES Director of Students Community and Engagement

Ms Cynthia Ekezie

Cynthia has been actively involved in students’ welfare and engagement at the international level for the past 3 years and she brings to GASES role a wealth of knowledge and undeniable experience. In the past, she has coordinated students welfare in the UK University with the act of commitment and resounding success stories.


GASES Director of Information Technology

Mr. Samuel Johnson

Samuel is the GASES Director of Information Technology. He assumes this responsibility in April 2016 where he oversees the information technology strategy of GASES, developing and implementing the policies and goals for its IT.