GASES Director of International Collaboration and Partnership

Mr Adebowale Adebiyi

GASES is very pleased of its extensive networks with various institutions and corporate organisations with strong supports for African students’ across the globe. Adebowale who assumes the office of GASES Director of International Collaboration and Partnership in April 2016 takes our vision into the arena of international community where he builds partnership and collaboration on behalf of GASES. He is devoted to an extensive network of international partnership and promotes institutional engagement and support between GASES and institutions such as universities, government agencies, corporate organisations, private investors etc.

Wale, as he is fondly called is committed to the cause of securing excellent platform for African students and he is very resolved to lead GASES international collaboration and partnership driving the vision of the CEO. Adebowale got his bachelor degree in Political Science from Joseph Ayo Babalola University in Nigeria and his master’s degree was completed with an outstanding performance in International Relations at Coventry University, UK.

As the current Student-Governor on the Coventry University’s Board of Governors as well as the President of the Coventry University Student’s Union where he leads over 24,000 students’ population, Adebowale is very experienced within the dome of international education. His vast knowledge is able to support the development of global academic exchange for African students’, furthering GASES cooperation and providing new and exciting opportunities for GASES members in Africa and across the globe.