GASES Africa Managing Director

Mr. Ahmed Soultan

Ahmed is the GASES Africa Managing Director. He joins GASES leadership in March 2016 coming with a substantial experienced in African education and excellent networks with African students. For over 7 years, he has been working extensively in the area of transnational education across Africa using various medium and tools. He has wide customers and brand based in North Africa and fondly respected both in Africa and Europe.

Ahmed is the face of GASES leadership in Africa where he leads and builds GASES brand. He is excited about heading GASES Africa, working in collaboration with countries National Coordinators’ and promoting networking, sharing of best practices, celebrating academic excellence and leadership, and upholding the vision of GASES CEO. As an African international figure from Morocco, Ahmed is regarded as one of the leaders of new African education with excellent motivational tools through research, music and culture.

With international awards like MTV Europe music Awards, KORA Award, and AFRIMA Awards, Soultan has created the new roadmap for African students that with determination and excellent spirit, dreams and vision can be born and actualised. Ahmed is a forerunner for the celebration and reconstruction of African education and its culture. His perpetual trajectory on the greatness of African education and its students in the 21st century align with GASES vision and also remains a viable rhetoric that is providing intellectual reawakening in Africa.