MS. Amara Kanu


Ms. Amara Kanu

Amara Kanu is the chief executive officer of GASES where she coordinates the organisation strategic direction. She communicates and describes GASES vision to all stakeholders in a clear, engaging and exciting ways. Amara remains GASES audible voice for the development of African education and its excellent culture since her assumption of office in 2016.

She understands in clear terms the breadth of issues that African students are going through both in Africa and around the globe. However, despite those painstaking challenges, Amara believes in supporting African students to actualize their vision, dreams and aspirations. According to her, “the culture of creativity and dynamic remain the heritage of African students, therefore, they are the epitome of African greatness”.

With years of experience in various organisations and corporations where she contributed immensely to core objectives of those organisations and development of their values, Amara brings that wealth of executive management experience to GASES. As an entrepreneur with high sense of ingenuity and originality, she has a deep passion for connecting African students with African great minds and icons of success in the business world. Mentorship is at the heart of her ethos and daily operational model, thus, she brings huge mentorship experience and connections to African students through GASES.

As a scholar with masters’ degree in Entrepreneurship from Regents University UK, she embraces opportunities to identify and develop potentials from Africa, create value cultures and helping in the formulation of new thinking in the reconstruction of African education and its culture.