Cynthia has been actively involved in students’ welfare and engagement at the international level for the past 3 years and she brings to GASES role a wealth of knowledge and undeniable experience. In the past, she has coordinated students welfare in the UK University with the act of commitment and resounding success stories.

She believes that today’s conventional approach to students’ welfare isn’t working as it lacks motivation and winning ethos. She joins GASES in March 2016 as the Director of Students Community and Engagement with a passion for prioritising the cause of African students both in Africa and around the globe. Her winning strategy is to create a solid platform of relationship and engagement with GASES members across the globe. In line with the GASES CEO’s vision, Cynthia is prepared to develop a strong student engagement portfolio that is unbeatable anywhere in the world. She remains the international advocate of African students’ and institute initiatives that promote better fast networking between African students of different class and nationality. She is inspiring, goal getter, and very passionate about improving opportunities for African students across a range of activities.

As part of her international feat, Cynthia is presently the Vice President of Democracy and Students Services of the University of Hertfordshire students union. She also holds a remarkable degree qualification in Law from the University of Hertfordshire, UK.