Ms Oluwatimilehin Osuntubo

Timi is the GASES Deputy CEO with a broad portfolio of both operational services and a range of corporate support functions, ensuring the safe provision of high-quality membership and African students focused activities. Ms Timi is also responsible for developing policies that support African students’ with the GASES Chief Executive. She oversees GASES international strategy and supports quality service delivery to African students across the globe helping to shape everything that makes GASES endears to students networks.

Before joining GASES in 2016, Timi also works with Finmeccanica UK, a world-class advanced engineering company where she is actively involved in the coordination of the organisation day to day activities. She provides support for the strategic and corporate framework of the organisation and also helps the management in achieving its set up overall objectives.

Timi has a bachelor degree in Sociology with Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Wales and Masters degree in International Relations from the University of Warwick respectively. Timi is a dynamic administrator with a strong passion for the growth and development of Africa and its educational culture.