Global African Students’ Education Summit (GASES) is an international forum for all African students. GASES brings into its forum the greatest intellectuals and celebrated figures in various fields of specialisation. Its overall aims are to advance the cause of reconstruction of African education and to provide the platform for networks of academic engagements, policy formation, and sharing of best practices amongst African students both in Africa and abroad. Also, it’s set up to proffer solutions to lingering education crises in Africa by presenting an unequivocal platform for the formation of excellent research through publications in various journals.

Other responsibilities of the GASES are the provision of a yearly conference which will deliberate on Africa education matters such as its development, political impact, funding crises and economic setback. GASES will become the largest African students’ yearly gathering in Africa and Europe. It will provide the unique platform for everyone to connect and have the best delicacies of African meal during the night of socialisation and celebration which will cumulate in presenting awards to the various categories of the selected ‘The Best African Students’ Leadership’.

What to Expect on a GASES Summit

GASES Summit both in Africa and Europe will remain one of the best international forum designed to share best practices, instant networking with creative and innovative geniuses, act as a beacon of a celebration of African spirit of excellence, leadership, and unity. It will always give African students the chance to solve African education problems and strengthen their faith in African unity, culture, celebration, creativity, research and innovation.